Luton Airport is in breach of noise limits

In 2014, Airport owners LLAL set up a financial incentivisation scheme to stimulate rapid growth at Luton Airport (see p16 of the London Luton Airport Ltd 2016 annual accounts).

Since then, the airport capacity has grown at unprecedented rate, with numbers of passengers doubling in just 7 years, flights up by 40% overall, and yet no balancing mitigations have been delivered.

Departures are still held low for up to 16 miles because expansion has rushed, well ahead of airspace modernisation. Noise impact has increased year-on-year since 2013 because expansion has rushed, well ahead of fleet modernisation. Night flights have doubled from 8,000 to 16,000 in 5 years.

As a result, the night noise contour planning condition has been breached since 2017, the airport operator LLAOL is trying to have the existing planning condition set aside, and Luton Borough Council has failed to take any enforcement action.

It is ordinary people, being kept awake in communities all around the airport who suffer the consequences of what has been described as “reckless greed”.

In its response to the application by the Airport the have the legally-agreed planning condition set aside so that it could continue to profit at the expense of local residents, Hertfordshire County Council said in July 2019 (our emphasis):

“The ‘contract’ between the Partnership in this case (the Airport operator, the local planning authority, highways authorities, communities and others) entered into for growth of the Airport to 18 million passengers per annum and the setting of noise caps to provide certainty for communities is in large part the terms of the planning permission. In failing to manage its operations to comply with that consent and committing to comply with it in the future, the Airport has betrayed the other partners, particularly those communities currently suffering from the adverse consequences of the breaches of planning control. The County Council is of the view that the actions of the Airport have fallen considerably short of Government expectations.”