If noise from Luton Airport affects your quality of life then complain about it! There are a number of ways of doing this, depending on how much time you can spare.

The easiest is to email giving the date, time and location of the incident and describing why the noise affected or annoyed you – for example it may have woken you up, disrupted conversation or spoiled a quiet walk in a peaceful area. Make sure you add your name, address and postcode else the complaint won’t be logged.

It is worth complaining, but it should be done responsibly – in other words just complaining about every single flight will mark you down as a serial complainer and your complaints will have less impact. But if a particular flight is unusually loud, or flies on a different track to normal, or wakes you up, then by all means complain about it. Equally, if the sheer number of flights is affecting your quality of life, or you have noticed the noise impact getting worse, do please complain. Luton Airport publishes complaints statistics every quarter, and the monitoring reports can be found on its Consultative Committee website at

If you are interested to see more details about a flight which has disturbed you, then Luton Airport provides an online tracking system called Travis, which can be accessed via a web browser. You can find it by searching online for “Luton Travis” or using this link:

Travis shows the tracks of current flights (with a 20-minute delay) and also allows you to select a date and time in the past month or so and replay the flight tracks speeded up so you can see the details of the particular aircraft which may have annoyed you. One of the buttons in the header can be used to send specific a complaint once you’ve identified the offending flight.

The noise monitors (three fixed and some mobile) used by Luton Airport are also shown, along with their instantaneous noise values. It’s worth looking at Travis just to get a feel for the flight paths and how they affect your area, but we’d advise against getting addicted to it!