About us

LADACAN is a residents’ group which campaigns on behalf of people who are affected by the noise from Luton Airport and concerned about its growing impacts on climate change and local quality of life.

LADACAN committee members are all volunteers. We attend meetings of the Luton Airport Consultative Committee (LLACC – see www.llacc.com) and its Noise and Track SubSommittee (NTSC) to engage with the airport operator on behalf of members. We take part in the local airspace change process to try to achieve better routing of aircraft to minimise noise impacts. We keep in touch with members by email and with a newsletter, as well as via public meetings and our AGM. If there are planning matters which affect the intrusiveness of aircraft noise and tracks, we encourage members to participate and assist them in making sense of the technical issues.

LADACAN also lobbies the government and policy-makers. This involves attending meetings held (for example) at the Department for Transport, the Civil Aviation Authority, or with Ministers. We also take part in aviation-related online consultations if they affect the local area or national policy.

We invite anyone affected by Luton Airport noise to become a LADACAN member – simply send us an email info@ladacan.org giving your name and location. We ask for a £10 donation to help us with the costs of running the website, hiring halls for meetings and travelling to meetings as required. In return we will add you to the e-mailing list for updates and newsletters, and you will receive an invite to our Annual General Meeting. Given lockdown this may be an online meeting in 2020 – developments awaited.

Anyone with relevant interest in the causes and effects of aircraft noise, or professional experience in planning law or aviation related matters, or even just some time to assist with reading consultations or doing research, or communicating to the press and to our wider community – in invited to get in touch. Again, just email info@ladacan.org and we can have a chat.