About us

LADACAN – the Luton And District Association for the Control of Aircraft Noise – is a constituted community group with four clear objectives:

  • to represent as fairly as possible the interests of people and communities adversely affected by the noise from Luton Airport
  • to press the owners and operators of Luton Airport to minimise and mitigate aircraft noise and environmental impact in the local area and to observe all necessary safety precautions
  • to continue to oppose any further expansion of Luton Airport
  • to work with government, regulatory authorities, local councils and other campaign groups as appropriate to further the above objectives

Anyone who shares these objectives is welcome to join LADACAN – all you need to do is use the Donate button below and make a minimum £10 donation to signify you agree with our objectives and to help towards our running costs. We invite existing members to renew that donation annually if they wish. We’re all unpaid volunteers and welcome any offers of practical assistance – as well as information from members with relevant specialist knowledge.

Note that you do not need to have a PayPal account: the button will give you an option to donate using a credit card if you prefer. Many thanks.

If you kindly donate and are not already a member we will add you to our email list unless you ask us not to do so. Our time is given for free but we use donations to cover the costs of website hosting, placards, travelling expenses, access to data and specialist software, and legal advice if needed.

Our work includes representing our members at the following:

  • the Luton Airport Consultative Committee (meets in January, April, July and October)
  • the Luton Airport Noise and Track Sub-Committee (meets in March, June, September and December)
  • the Luton Airport Noise Insulation Sub-Committee (meets annually)
  • Luton Airport airspace change forums
  • the Airspace Change Organising Group community panel (meets every few months)

We also spend substantial time reading, researching and opposing planning applications which relate to expansion of the airport in a way which would be detrimental to communities and the local and global environment.

Because Luton is the only major UK airport 100% owned by its local planning authority, Luton Borough Council, there are particular issues over governance and conflict of interest, and we highlight those where necessary.

We punch above our weight, and LADACAN is respected not just locally but at the Department for Transport, the Civil Aviation Authority, the Airspace Change Organising Group, and by national campaign and lobby groups such as the Aviation Environment Federation, as well as those opposing expansion at other UK airports.

Member communications: members of LADACAN and receive email updates on issues such as further expansion, changes to flight paths, policy updates and planning decisions.

Media updates: we represent the point of view of our members to the media in press releases and interviews.

Lobbying the government and policy-makers: we represent community interests to the Department for Transport, the Civil Aviation Authority, and the (ever-changing) aviation Ministers. We also take part in aviation-related national consultations and moves to improve the design of airspace.

Engaging with other groups: we brief local Councillors and MPs on the technical issues relating to aviation, as well as advising other local groups. This may involve giving talks or taking part in online meetings.

Researching issues: aviation is a highly technical jargon-ridden niche with a whole range of specialities from noise monitoring, analysis and reporting to planning law, the Airports Act, and the Localism Act. We work hard to understand these in order to make our representation more effective.

Fighting for community rights: as necessary we make formal complaints, taking these to the highest level where injustice is perceived in governance of the Airport by the Council which owns and benefits financially from it.

Attending meetings and focus groups: as well as the LLACC and NTSC, we are members of the local Airspace Change Focus Groups which are required by any Airport wanting to change flight paths, and we represented local communities on the Airport owner’s Noise Envelope Design Group.

If you have technical knowledge of the causes and effects of aircraft noise, or professional experience in planning law or aviation related matters, or even just some time to assist with reading consultations or doing research, or communicating to the press and the wider community – do get in touch. Just email info@ladacan.org and we can have a chat.

Thank you.