LADACAN represents local people at Airport Inquiry

An independent Planning Inquiry is currently under way, and LADACAN is representing the members of local groups and some Parish Councils who are opposed to legitimising Luton Airport’s repeated breaches of noise conditions. This is the first time a truly independent light has been shone on a planning decision relating to Luton Airport for 17 years.

Three National Planning Inspectors will hear evidence from now until the middle of November while reviewing last year’s decision by Luton Borough Council to grant permission for further expansion 7 years ahead of schedule, rather than insisting that the Airport honoured its commitments to respect noise limits.

We need your help in funding our team of experts!
We’ve set up a GoFundMe page to make it easy for you to help us pay for the King’s Counsel and team of experts we need to help us fight for rejection at the Inquiry:

The Inquiry is being held at Luton Town Hall and the timetable is as follows:

  • 4th-8th Oct: Air quality and Socio-Economics
  • 20th Oct: Transport and Highways
  • 1st-4th Nov: Noise
  • 8th-10th Nov: Planning and Policy
  • 11th Nov: Conditions and obligations
  • 15th-17th Nov: Site visits and closing statements

The official website with the Inquiry documents and video streaming can be found at this link.

Anyone living locally and impacted by the noise from Luton Airport is welcome to join LADACAN to ensure their voice is heard: please see for details.

Do follow us on social media using the handle @GoLadacan

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