Luton Airport 19 million plan faces Public Inquiry in Sept

What’s happening and why?
The planning decision last November by Luton Borough Council to legitimise breaches of noise conditions by its Airport, and to allow it to increase passenger capacity ahead of the 2028 cap, has been called-in by the Secretary of State, and will now face independent review by Planning Inspectors.

LADACAN will be appearing at the Inquiry to represent local communities affected by the ever-increasing noise as the Airport capacity grows again. People impacted by this noise have a right to expect the airport operator to honour the planning conditions agreed in 2013, to regulate growth in balance with noise mitigation and to achieve 18 million passengers a year by 2028, and NOT by 2019. Yet since 2016 the Airport has tried to pretend the target date for the passenger limit was 2020 – which is nonsense as its own press releases from 2014 and 2015 confirm.

We need your help in funding legal advice!
We’ve set up a GoFundMe page to make it easy for you to donate to help us pay for legal advice and the experts we have commissioned to help us fight to have this application recommended for rejection at the Inquiry. Please use this link to donate:

Information about the Inquiry

LADACAN has registered for Rule 6 status so that we can attend the hearings and make the case on behalf of people who have been adversely affected by the over-rapid growth, and would continue to be if this application is agreed.

A Pre-Inquiry Meeting was held on 6th July 2022 in Luton Town Hall, as a result of which the lead Inspector Richard Clegg set the following timetable (there will be remote access):

  • Week 1 (27/9) Opening statements. climate change, local parties other than Rule 6 to present
  • Week 2 (3/10) Transport, highways, socio-economics
  • Week 3 (17/10 Noise
  • Week 4 (31/10) Policy and air quality
  • Week 5 (7/11) Planning, other matters, conditions and obligations
  • Week 6 (14/11) Site visits and closings

The official website with all the documents relating to the Inquiry Hearings can be found on this link.

There is a placeholder for the outcomes on the government planning website at this link under case 3296455.

Anyone living locally and impacted by the noise from Luton Airport is welcome to join LADACAN to ensure their voice is heard: please see for details.

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