LLAL consultation on futureLuToN proposals

The LADACAN response to the LLAL pre-application Development Consent Order was a resounding NO and a set of powerful objections across all areas including noise and environmental impact, climate change, surface transport, landscaping and visual intrusion. We object strongly on principle to their bid to increase capacity from 18 million to 32 million passengers despite the current expansion project still having 8 years to run and having not delivered the promised noise mitigations such that it can operate an 18-million passenger airport within the democratically agreed planning conditions laid down in 2013.

Robin Porter leads both Luton Borough Council and its airport holding company LLAL, and despite there being an obligation for an arm’s length relationship between a Council and an Airport, he freely admits that the Council/LLAL have driven growth at Luton Airport. The fact that this drive included a financial incentive scheme for faster growth put in place the month after planning permission for expansion was agreed puts the Council into a clearly conflicted position, since the faster growth has led to a breach of its own planning conditions.

The objections to the DCO can be opened or downloaded here: